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Principal's Message

Huerta Principal


Dear Parents,

It is my pleasure to welcome you all to the 2022-2023 school year on behalf of the Dolores Huerta Staff! It is our goal to continue to ferment relationships with our parents and community in order to nurture our students’ academic and social-emotional development. Helping our students reach their highest potential as we nurture not only their academic progress but also their social-emotional interactions and growth is one of the most critical ways in which we can continue to ensure that our children are being supported and we do this by creating and solidifying connections between home and school. When we connect as partners in the education of your children, together we take on the responsibility for surrounding your child with experiences that will impact them in a positive way and instill in each student a love of learning!

It is essential that as your child’s parents and their first teachers, you take every opportunity to mold, guide, and help support the school’s instructional program which begins here at Dolores Huerta Elementary!

Dolores Huerta takes pride in providing its students and staff with a clean, safe and secure environment that is conducive to learning. At Huerta, students will continue to be encouraged to take risks that lead them to implement higher-order critical thinking skills in all areas of their academic and social development. Hence, they learn to apply these in real-world situations. In risk-taking, students will learn that to FAIL only means this is their First Attempt In Learning, and that without failure it is impossible to succeed! 

The Huerta Family of staff members takes pride in unifying with the common mission that 

“Our students are our future and we are dedicated to their success,” so together we strive to help each child reach their greatest potential and it is our honor to do so. 

Therefore, we will continue to build relationships in unison with our Huerta families and community that will further establish a foundation of College and Career Readiness where we all serve and grow together, knowing that we all have the ability to learn from one another, the capacity to teach one another and the potential to lead.

We are excited to see the Huerta Eagles soar in 2022-2023!

In partnership,

Arleen Romero


Dolores Huerta Elementary