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Spirit Week

Attendance Awarness Spirit Week! August 29 - September 2
Meditation Monday!
(Bring your favorite book and read under the solar panels.)
Creative Tuesday!
(Create a unique t-shirt and wear it.)
Stay fit Wednesday!
(Wear your favorite sports clothes.)
School Spirit Thursday!
(Wear Huerta gear or Colors.)
Spring Spirit Week! March 28 - April 1
Spring Into Action!
(Wear fitness clothing.)
Spring Into the Future Day!
(Wear college gear or dress as your future self.)
Don't Be Fooled, Eagles Rule!
Wear you Huerta gear or wear something red.
Read Across America Spirit Week! February 28 - March 4
Monday, February 28th: Snuggle Up and Read!
(Wear pajamas.)
Tuesday, March 1st: PAWSitively Wild About Reading!
(Wear animal prints or shirts with animals.)
Wednesday, March 2nd: Team Up for Reading!
(Wear sports gear.)
Thursday, March 3rd: Reading Knocks Your Socks Off!
(Wear crazy or mismatched socks.)
Friday, March 4th: Reading Dress Up Day!
(Dress as your favorite fiction character or dress up to represent your favorite topic in a nonfictional book.)
The Great Kindness Challenge!  January 24 - January 28
Monday, January 24th: Say yee-haw for kindness!
(Dress in western wear including jeans, boots, hat, bandana, ect. !)
Tuesday, January 25th: Being kind is magical!
(Dress as a magician or as a wizard.)
Wednesday, January 26th: We don't hide kindness!
(Wear camouflage or wear brown, black or green.)
Thursday, January 27th: Spread peace, love, and kindness!
(Wear tie dye or peace signs.)
Friday, January 28th: Team kindness!
(Wear your Huerta gear or red!)
Winter Spirit Week!  December 13 - December 17
Monday, December 13th: Holiday Pajama Day!
(Wear holiday pajamas or cozy clothing!)
Tuesday, December 14th: Ugly Sweater Day!
(Wear your favorite holiday sweater. If you don't have a holiday sweater you can get creative and make your own.)
Wednesday, December 15th: Holiday Hat Day!
(Wear your favorite holiday hat.
Santa hat, elf hat or reindeer antlers.)
Thursday, December 16th: Snowman Day!
(Wear a white shirt and a scarf.)
Huerta's Spooky Red Ribbon Week!  October 25 - October 29
Shade out drugs!
Wear Sunglasses!
You have the power to say no!
Wear Superhero attire!
Turn your back to drugs!
Wear your shirt backwards!
Say Boo to drugs!
Wear your Halloween costume!
No Name Calling Spirit Week!  September 27 - October 1
Monday, September 27th: Give name calling a rest!
Wear PJs
(Challenge: Take the No Name Calling Pledge!)
Tuesday, September 28th: We are all on the same team!
Wear Sports Team Colors
(Challenge: Give a pat on the back, handshake, encouragement words!)
Wednesday, September 29th: Put a lid on name calling!
Wear a Hat
(Challenge: Do a random act of kindness today!)
Thursday, September 30th: Stay bright, be a good friend!
Wear Bright/Neon Colors
(Challenge: Say some kind words to a friend!)
Friday, October 1st: We are all together!
Wear School Colors
(Challenge: Be enthusiastic and celebrate the school spirit!)
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