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Spirit Week

Math Spirit Week! March 13 - March 17
Numbers All Around Us Day
(Wear a shirt or jersey with numbers on it!)
Pi Day
(Wear something with circles or polka dots on it!)
Doubles Plus One Day
(Find 2 people with whom to dress alike and add another friend!)
Shape Day
(Wear something with shapes on it!)
Money Day
(Wear something green, the color of money!)
The Great Kindness Challenge Spirit Week! January 23 - January 27
Powered by Kindness!
(Superhero Day)
Team Kindness!
(Jersey Day)
Crazy about Kindness!
(Crazy Hair Day)
Hats off to Kindness!
(Fun Hat Day)
Show the Spirit of Kindness!
(Wear your school shirt/gear)
Anti-Bullying Spirit Week! November 14 - November 18
Mismatch Day!
(Wear mismatched clothing to express that we are all different and can appreciate our differences.)
I'd rather be a _ than a bully!
(Choose a profession or career and dress up.)
Team Up Against Bullying!
(Wear your favorite jersey or sports team attire.)
Inside Out day!
(Wear clothing inside out to represent that words hurt more on the inside than they do on the outside.)