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Student Events

"Splash Science: 3rd Grade Traveling Classroom Presentation"
"This program offered 3 hands-on educational activities that the students rotated through. (Jeopardy, Touch Tanks, Aqueduct Game).  Students explored the sources of their drinking water supply, discovered the water cycle we depend on and met the unique marine animals who are influenced by our water use behavior in the Santa Monica Bay watershed."
"Ms. Rios and Mrs. Rodriguez Classrooms"
"Ms. Samaniego, Mrs. Baum, and Ms. Gonzalez Classrooms"
"2019 Huerta Spelling Bee"
The top two candidates for each of the 4th and 5th grade classes competed on  Thursday, January 17th, at Huerta School's 2nd annual School Spelling Bee. We are very proud of ALL of the contestants!  In 4th grade, Zion Jackson from Ms. Leyva's class was the runner up. The 4th grade Spelling Bee winner was Matthew Aguilar from Mr. Arevalo and Ms. Alexander' classes. In 5th grade the runner up was Irene Serrato from Ms. Premsrirath's class. The 5th grade Spelling Bee winner was Aiden Bitanga from Mr. Holmes and Ms. Felix's classes. Congratulations to the winners! All four students will represent Huerta School at the district Spelling Bee which will be held on Wednesday, February 13th. 
"Huerta Student Council Elections"
"On Tuesday, November 6th, we had elections for Student Council."
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